Cyber Solutions Technologies Press Release – October 5, 2016

Patent Rights to Innovative Cybersecurity Technology Now for Sale

Portage, Mich.—Cyber Solutions Technologies (formerly PerSysTek, LLC) has announced for sale, or exclusive license, the rights to its patented cybersecurity technology.

U.S. Patent No. 8,930,700, “REMOTE DEVICE SECURE DATA FILE STORAGE SYSTEM AND METHOD,” is a cybersecurity software-based multifactor (3FA) authentication system and method for securing both personal and business files on mobile devices.

This cost-effective technique creates a non-reproducible time-based cryptographic software key that requires no additional hardware and runs on all operating systems with military-grade AES encryption and industry-standard cleaning of memory remnants. The patented algorithms secure and protect all records and are unique to Cyber Solutions Technologies.

This technology is immediately available for cross-platform integration and will secure a digital footprint when accessing mobile devices in public Wi-Fi spots, while traveling and on unfamiliar networks. Interested parties may quickly integrate this technology into existing enterprise networks, for authentication and protected file storage of any sensitive mobile data including medical, financial, legal, identity and education records.

Inquiries should be directed to: Rick Wielopolski, President and Founder
Cyber Solutions Technologies

PerSysTek Press Release – January 7, 2015

PerSysTek Announces Patent For New Mobile Security System

PORTAGE, Mich., Jan. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — PerSysTek, LLC announced today that it has been issued U.S. Patent No. 8,930,700 entitled “Remote Device Secure Data File Storage System and Method”. The patent issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office yesterday, January 6, 2015, has 16 claims providing a new multi-factor authentication system using time-based cryptography for mobile devices. This technology is incorporated in the company’s successful RecordVault products for Android and iOS devices to secure sensitive mobile files and records in user devices while travelling.

Logo –

Rick Wielopolski, President of PerSysTek, stated “The issuance of this patent confirms our objective to provide the best mobile file security possible to allow users to carry their medical, financial, legal, education and identity records with them at all times for immediate access. To prevent identity theft, these types of files with personal information should never be present on mobile phones and tablets unless a proven security technique is used that cannot be hacked. That is what RecordVault provides.”

RecordVault eliminates threats by implementing a patented 3 factor software-based authentication system which generates a unique cryptographic key for each user that is not stored in any system. This means it is cost effective, operates on any Android or iOS device without extra hardware, and offers the strongest possible security. The app then applies military grade encryption and industry standard file wiping to ensure your mobile data, including documents, images, voice recordings and video, are secure. Each user has the ability to add, remove, share, lock and unlock files while allowing their device to complete other tasks.

“My mission”, Mr. Wielopolski noted, “is to provide the best, affordable, mobile file security software enabling everyone to safely carry the critical information they need with them every day. Years ago my mother had a stroke while visiting us from out of town and I did not have all of her documents available. I wish I had this type of product at that time! That is why I created the RecordVault and a cost effective software method to protect everyone for life.”

Please contact us for detailed information about this new mobile security technique.

Media Contact: Rick Wielopolski, PerSysTek, LLC, 7348834980,

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PerSysTek Press Release – August 6, 2013

World’s Strongest and Most Reliable Mobile Security App RecordVault Now Available for iOS

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Aug. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Following the success of the RecordVault Android application, Rick Wielopolski, President of PerSysTek, LLC, announces the release of this app for all iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad. RecordVault possesses patent pending technology that is designed to provide the highest level of security for your mobile files, including any type of documents, images, audio, and video. This application employs military grade encryption to “deadbolt” whatever files you select and prevents a potential security breach.



According to a recent WebSense article, “Reports of Intellectual Property (IP) theft are increasing, and theft of credit card numbers and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) continues to grow.” Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become a main source of stealing data, including personal identity, passwords, health records, card numbers and other private information. RecordVault eliminates threats by using military grade encryption and it is the only three level authorization app available today. Mr. Wielopolski states, “I have made it my personal mission to provide the best, affordable, mobile software for people to secure the information they need to carry with them every day.” RecordVault enables you to add, remove, lock and unlock files while never locking up your device from completing other tasks.

RecordVault is a necessary tool in this day and age! Mr. Wielopolski noted, “First step, take a picture of your ID and credit cards in your wallet and import them into the RecordVault. If your wallet is stolen, you have a secure copy of critical data; if the phone is stolen, you can go online to wipe the files.” Everyone needs to have all their most important information available, while keeping it safe from potential hackers. For a limited time, a single investment of $2.99 gives you lifetime access to all that RecordVault offers, as well as subsequent updates and enhancements. This license allows you to add RecordVault to all of your current and future devices making immediate access to your needed records simpler and safer than ever!

You can learn more about this amazing security application at For detailed information about this new mobile security application, please contact:

Rick Wielopolski
President of PerSysTek, LLC

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PerSysTek Press Release – March 19, 2013

The Road to Secure Data on Mobile Devices

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Rick Wielopolski, President of PerSysTek, LLC, is extremely passionate about the security of information on mobile devices, especially when it comes to carrying medical, financial, and other personal electronic records on a smartphone or tablet. After experiencing the lack of security of these records on his phone, he made it his personal goal to develop a unique method for providing total safety of all important electronic records, regardless of the type of file, while maintaining portability and immediate accessibility.

In 2012, Rick embarked on a personal journey to ensure that anyone with a mobile device could feel secure about storing private and sensitive information on their phones or tablets. He believes it doesn’t matter if you’re storing lab results, x-rays, insurance information, bank account details, or passwords. This information must be kept private to protect a person’s data and identity and perhaps even save a life, or a life savings.

After going down the path of creating a physical device prototype to store Personal Health Records (PHRs), Rick realized that the better solution would be to create a software based, platform independent solution. To achieve this, Rick enlisted the services of Grand Rapids, Michigan-based company Open Systems Technologies (OST). “They were a perfect fit,” stated Wielopolski, “because of their background in hardware, software, and system development. They were able to field an entire team with varying skill sets to complete the product solution.”

It was only a matter of months from the time that Rick started working with OST until the launch of the first version of the application, the RecordVault™, which is now available for all Android devices. “Starting with Android was the best choice, since there are more Android devices than any other mobile device on the market. Also, for the first time ever, Android devices were hacked more than PCs last quarter,” states Wielopolski. “It just made sense!”

Once the application was nearing completion, Rick reached out to ManoByte, a social media marketing agency in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to help launch and promote the application. Within weeks, ManoByte was able to “get the ball rolling,” as Rick puts it. The initial launch garnered the attention of many well-known media outlets, such Crain’s Detroit Business, Android Headlines, and Reuters. During the start of their social media campaign, this launch generated over 200,000 impressions, gaining visibility by many leaders within the Android social community.

Rick and his team are at it again! More free features have been completed at OST and RecordVault R1.2 was released on March 13, 2013. What’s next? Rick is committed to the release of the RecordVault™ for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) as quickly as possible.

For information about this new mobile security application, please go to: or contact:

Rick Wielopolski
President of PerSysTek, LLC

PerSysTek: Rick Wielopolski is the founder of PerSysTek, LLC, and creator of RecordVault, a patent pending, state of the art mobile application that securely stores health, financial, personal electronic records and files with a unique software key and military grade encryption to protect your sensitive data.

OST OST (Open Systems Technologies) is an $80 million company with offices in Grand Rapids, and Ann Arbor, Michigan, Minneapolis and London, England. OST has been focused on providing IT infrastructure services and products for over fifteen years; in addition OST offers security services, custom application development services, managed services, and business process services. Since 2003, the company has grown it revenue at a compounded rate of over 30% annually.

ManoByte ManoByte is one of Michigan’s first social media marketing agencies, founded in 2008. ManoByte helps companies create and execute social business strategies that deliver business results.



PerSysTek Press Release – March 6, 2013

RecordVault: An Answer to the Question of Secure Mobile Health Data Broached at HIMSS13

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As Healthcare professionals from around the country gather to discuss how to leverage technology to improve health outcomes, one topic that surfaces time and again is the role that mobile devices will play in healthcare. Mobile technologies are the key to patient engagement and driving meaningful use.

At the HIMSS conference, Dr. Kate Christensen, medical director of Kaiser Permanente’s Internet Services Group noted that 22 percent of portal traffic comes from mobile devices and the fastest-growing groups of users are seniors and people with chronic diseases.

Many of the vendors at HIMSS have great solutions meeting various mobile health (mHealth) needs but Physicians and Patients have been leery of adopting such technologies due to the security risk associated with mobile devices. Patients are concerned about securing their personal and sensitive health information in their mobile devices. Physicians are concerned about heavy penalties that may come from falling victim to breaches in protected health information (PHI).

PerSysTek has the answer to secure personal health records and other sensitive data stored on a mobile device. RecordVault is the only three-factor authentication mobile application available in the marketplace today allowing patients to securely import, export and store their records on a mobile device. It enables both patients and physicians to be assured that protected health information stored on a mobile device is secure with military grade encryption that meets federal cryptographic standards and is HIPAA compliant. The one-time $9.99 investment for the application secures all devices an individual will own, forever. RecordVault is currently available for Android devices and the iOS version is launching in the second quarter of 2013. PerSysTek plans to begin integrating the application with third-party Electronic Medical Records (EMR) providers later this year.

You can learn more about the role RecordVault is playing in mHealth by going to:

For information about implementing this application at your health system contact:

Rick Wielopolski
President of PerSysTek, LLC



PerSysTek Press Release – January 21, 2013

The World’s Highest Level Security For Android File Storage

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Jan. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Mobile attacks are the top security concern for the government, businesses, and individuals. A Motorola survey found that 73% of individuals surveyed were concerned about smartphone security. People depend upon their mobile devices as a primary means of accessing sensitive data. It is especially critical that people carry information such as medical records with them at all times. With good reason, most people have been uncomfortable with carrying this vital information…until now!

Rick Wielopolski , President of PerSysTek, LLC, announces the release of a patent pending application that has been designed to keep an individual’s vital information secure. RecordVault “deadbolts” your selected files to prevent them from potential security breaches. This is the only true three factor authentication software app available today securing a person’s sensitive files, electronic records, and data on a smartphone or tablet.

The RecordVault provides the highest level of security possible. The PerSysTek RecordVault uses military grade encryption and storage wiping of temporary data to secure any type of file including electronic records, documents, voice, images, and videos. According to Mr. Wielopolski, “You – and you alone — can unlock your files because we create a unique software key tied only to you.” RecordVault ensures that your files cannot be hacked. One factor making this a state of the art security application is that the credentials and the key are not stored on any single system, they are computed dynamically! RecordVault does not lock your entire device; only the files you select are encrypted, allowing other portions of your device to function without the need to enter credentials. RecordVault can be used offline, for additional security, once you have logged in.

RecordVault is a must have, revolutionary security application. A one-time fee of $9.99 gives you access to all features and updates RecordVault offers on all of your current and future devices! This provides lifelong security of your vital information, and the availability to add and remove files and images as you please.

You can learn more about this amazing security application at For information about this new mobile security application, please contact:

Rick Wielopolski
President of PerSysTek, LLC



PerSysTek Announcement – December 17, 2012

PerSysTek Patent Pending

PerSysTek, LLC announced today, December 17, 2012 that it has filed a provisional patent documenting its unique, hardware independent, software-based three factor authentication method and system for the mobile device market. The incorporation of this technique into PerSysTek’s product, the RecordVault, will place the company in a class by itself with the only application of its kind to securely protect any of your electronic records, documents, images, videos or other sensitive files on your phone or tablet. This technique will work on many platforms including Android, iOS and Windows. The first RecordVault product launch incorporating this method is expected in 1Q13.

PerSysTek Announcement – October 18, 2011

PerSysTek Product Plans

PerSysTek, LLC announced today, October 18, 2011, that it has modified its product strategy and plans to introduce hardware independent secure applications for the mobile market. Recent development of a unique security technique enables PerSysTek to deliver Personal Electronic Records Systems for smartphones and tablets on virtually any platform including Android, iOS and Windows. Product announcements are expected in the near future.


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