The RecordVault is capable of storing hundreds and thousands of individual data types such as documents, faxes, voice recordings, images and videos. Typically, each person will have a mixture of these data types (files) on the same device that represents their personal electronic record. A typical electronic record is listed below indicating how many data types fit into 4 GB of memory on your device.

Typical Mix of Personal Electronic Records Data

RecordVault Capacity

Data Type


Typical Totals
(per 4GB)

MS Word Documents 2000 Character OpenXML 10,000
Camera Images 10 M pixel JPEG 100
FAX Documents 500 dpi Bitmap 100
Audio Recordings 128 Kbs, 4 min, MP3 100
Medical Images PC-Based High Res JPEG 500
MRI/CT Study 64 Images/Study 10
Mammography 4 High Res Images/Study 10
X-Ray Images Digitized 100











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