The RecordVault mobile applications utilize patented three factor authentication (3FA), plus three levels of industry standard security with uniquely developed algorithms and an encryption key to protect your data, plus they require three intelligent systems to operate.


  • – Patented technology
    Secure registration
    Secure operation, recovery or deactivation


Three factor authentication

  1. Something you “know”

  2. Something you “have”

  3. Something you “are”

Three levels of cybersecurity to unlock protected data

  1. Device based user selected account information

  2. One-time software passcode from your app

  3. Unique RecordVault Key with 256 bit AES military-grade encryption and data wiping of temporary files

Three intelligent systems required for operation

  1. A host

  2. A smart device

  3. A human



  • The RecordVault Key uses AES military-grade encryption

  • RecordVault implements data wiping of temporary files

  • Meets federal cryptographic security standards

  • ePHI and HIPAA compliant

  • Anti-tampering algorithms

  • Time bound data access

  • Configurable security levels


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