Patented Mobile Cybersecurity When You Need It!



The best mobile cybersecurity app on the Planet!

Secure the files on your mobile device with patented technology! Using RecordVault keeps your most precious information “deadbolted” behind state of the art security. Only you can unlock whatever records you add to your RecordVault and have immediate access to your data in seconds! RecordVault secures your identity, personal records, files and data in selected folders that can be backed-up in the cloud and transmitted to various institutional records management systems requiring no other software investment.

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Record Vault for life!

RecordVault could save your life! Make sure you have your most important data with you when traveling, but don’t do it without the security of RecordVault. One application gives you lifetime use of what RecordVault has to offer for ALL of your devices! Get cost effective 100% hack proof safety and protect yourself, your business and your family with RecordVault. RecordVault software products are available for a variety of smartphones and tablets and the core technology is hardware independent enabling you to deploy this method in any system.

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Unique Features!

RecordVault™ is a patented (U.S. Patent No. 8,930,700) software-based  multifactor authentication system (3FA) we call RecordSecurity³, using government standard military-grade AES encryption and industry standard file cleaning to keep all your vital information locked up tight. Lock and unlock selected files on your mobile device while not disturbing the device itself. In a true emergency, our 911 Data Access™ allows EMTs to access your In Case of Emergency (ICE) file containing critical medical information (contacts, blood type, allergies, chronic conditions, etc.) without needing to know your security credentials, but keeping your other files private. 

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